Revamping BeidaEnglish – What our readers can expect?

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since, I have posted anything in this blog. Due to my personal and professional commitments, I didn’t get time to take care of this blog. Four years back, this is one of the highly ranking websites that I owned and maintained. I had other websites, viz. – a blog on health and fitness (sold), – a blog on internet and technology (not maintaining), (taken down) – a blog on food and diet. I feel pity on me for not taking care of these websites. They all are part of my first venture and it was a good lesson for me that taught “what to do”, “how to do” to me.

revamp beidaenglish

revamp beidaenglish website

Coming to this website, I would like to let my readers know that from now onwards, I will do my best to keep this blog active. I shall post 3 posts per week that will help my readers to know more about usage of English language.

We will add the following

- How English language will help you in Exams?
- Learn Vocabulary with ease
- Book reviews

We thank you for your utmost support in keeping this website live and look forward in making this website as the most recommended website to learn English language.

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