Group Discussion Tips

In this article we would look at few last minutes tips for Group Discussion preparation. Let us deal down to the points straight away.

The panel should notice you

Some of the points that stand out under this category

  • Make sure that you are audible. If the group hears and acknowledges your point, so will the reviewer.
  • Be assertive and show your leadership skills. Probably nothing else brings you to foreground much more than a proper interjection and putting the discussion back into track.
  • Speak Up. Sometimes GD can turn out to be hostile; often candidates complain that they don’t get enough chances to speak. Remember it’s your GD, you are being judged. So no point in keeping mum.

Meaningful Contribution to Discussion

To grab reviewer’s attention, you need to have a good understanding of the topic. You can’t fool around with reviewers will ill logic. You should be able to think logically and hence put forth you ideas cohesively. Your interjections are more valuable than your speech. Quality always wins over quantity. Also, you should judge the pulse of the room. Your words should drive home their impact.

Group Discussion Tips

Group Discussion Tips


Your points are likely to derive its set of approvers as well as detractors. The force of your argument lies in the fact that you can win over your detractors by logical reasoning. Building consensus is needed because we are working in a team. A divided group consensus is as good as having no meeting at all.

To achieve the above said points, we need to focus on the following points.

a) Be Yourself. You can only act as yourself. All others acts fail, or at least these exercises are attempting to fail such acts. It is easier conversing being you.

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b) Take time to organize your thoughts. During the discussion there will a lot many points. You might be nodding your head to many of them. But do not pitch in to say anything as soon as it is put on table. Think of the pros and cons. Take time to organize your thoughts and put them across once you are confident.

c) The panel is listening to you always. Do not try to convince them or look for an acknowledgment. It is the group which matters here-stick to them.

d) Seek clarifications if you have any doubts regarding the subject, before the discussion commences.

e) First impressions speak a lot of you. So make sure to show the right gestures, the right words and more importantly the right spirits.

f) Never try to show your dominance. Be assertive, speak yourself and let others speak as well.

g) Don’t lose your temper. Remember everyone is a participant there. They are putting across their point. Be logical and break down your answer to acceptable chunks. This will help you in confrontations

h) Show your leadership skills. Building a consensus needs leadership skills. Steers the discussion in right track also try to make all participants speak-this would help in consensus building.

i) Any outrageous act is sure to seize interest but least expects them to sustain that interest.

I hope this series of articles on GD helped you up your ante for real life battles. Best of luck!

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