Start A New Life- A True Story

Greetings to the readers!

Before knowing the real aspect of the subject Start A New Life, we all should know the philosophy of life. A start with the following story I read long back.

A boy met a monk, who was old with a great wisdom of offering solutions to all life-related questions. In order to test the wise monk the young boy was holing a very tiny bird in his closed palm of his hand, with his hand hidden inside his shirt. He asked the monk, ‘The bird in my hand is alive or dead?’. The wise monk with a flowering smile replied, ‘If I answer the bird is alive, you will crush the bird and show me a dead bird. If I tell you the bird is dead, you will release the bird and deceive me it is alive.’ He further added ‘My dear young man, This is the philosophy of our life we experience in this world: Our life and death are in our own hands like the bird you have in your palm.’

The moral of this story simply tells that the leading a quality of our life is the ultimate responsibility of every individual. The real cause of death is birth itself as every life has to perish. However, the purpose of life is to be happy and to create same happiness in the minds of people around. Every life in this planet is a gift by the God through parents or by some conjugation process. Hence the value of our precious life cannot be equated with anything. Staring a new life or enhancing the existing life better is in our hands.

I understood life that everything goes wrong, even something goes wrong. Everything goes right, for anything to be right. Just imagine a journey in a car on a long drive. With which of the four tires punctured, can we continue the intended journey? With this analogy we need to accept the fact that anything is right, only if, everything is right. To start a new life I have decided to open my account with a thought of holistic solutions than considering a piece-meal option. I was successful in my life so for in this holistic approach. It all begins the way I approach life I deserve holistic abundance in every walk of my life.

Our success in life is purely depends so much on our relationship with people we meet around in our life including the family members. While understanding the togetherness also we need to appreciate and enjoy the differences. Such difference is a sort of spice of any relationship.

Instead of stating a new life starts a new day with a new beginning and end the day with a satisfaction. In my opinion every new sun rise gives an opportunity to Start a New Life for the rest of our life. Life is a great puzzle and we need to fit one piece at a time. God see the completed puzzle before we even begin. Always remember, our unknown future is in the safe hands of the All-Knowing God!

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