Chywanprash helped my Kid to Improve his English Language Skills!

Our mother India has unity in diversity. We differ in many things still we are a proud nation. This is possible because we inherit a rich culture of our ancestors from time immemorial. Our ancestors knew how to use various herbs and medicinal plants to stay healthy.

‘Chyawanprash’ is one such formulation that our forefathers have been using for all round development of health from generations. When the ancient students used to read in ‘gurukuls’, the ‘gurus’ provided everything to the students including food, shelter and medicines. They used many herbal medicines lead life with infinite memories to pass their knowledge from one generation to the others without any written scripts for thousands of years. Continue reading →

Group Discussion Tips

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Group Discussion Tips In this article we would look at few last minutes tips for Group Discussion preparation. Let us deal down to the points straight away. The panel should notice you Some of the points that stand out under this category Make sure that you are audible. If the group hears and acknowledges your point, so will […] Continue reading →

Practical Usage of English

After writing more than 200 articles on this blog, and after reading through some of the suggestions, comments given by our readers, we have decided to start a new section in our website that will help the readers in using English language practically. We want to name the new section in our website as […] Continue reading →