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Proofread your writings using WhiteSmoke

Speaking English language is different from writing it without any spelling and grammatical mistakes. You need sheer practice to excel yourself in English language. This is possible by continual reading, writing, speaking English, I mean, though you do not know it perfectly, try to practice it regularly. It is not always possible to do ask someone’s help to correct your mails or writings for spelling and grammar errors. Hence, you should take help of software and internet who can solve your problem. Using of MS Word and some sites like spellchecker can solve your problem to an extent but they are very limited. Lack of artificial intelligence is the main drawback of these tools.

I have found software which will solve these problems. It comprises several writing tools, such as a dictionary, a thesaurus and ready-made letter templates; its core feature is its advanced English grammar checker. It works on Natural Language Processing technology. WhiteSmoke cannot detect all errors. Please remember that this software is not going to solve all your problems completely but this will handle all the major issues in your writings and converts your un-interesting and errors into professional writings. This software is compatible with all the operating systems. If you want to use WhiteSmoke, then you have to open word processor applications like Notepad or MS Word, highlight the text you want to proofread and then click on F2 button. Whitesmoke will connect to the online server and gives some suggestion based on the scenario. There are many versions in this software, check out which suits you and get a copy of it!

Common mistakes that we do when writing spellings

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mistakes-funding It’s very common that we make the mistakes when we are writing spellings as we try to write a spelling from the way we speak out. But English is a language in which we can’t write spellings based on the way we speak. There will several silent letters which brings the easiness and great elegant […] Continue reading →