How to make group discussions?

Group discussion is one of the best ways in developing your language skills. Especially for developing speaking skills of English, group discussion helps very much. Group discussion helps very much useful in effective communication with the people and if you are working in a business environment then this skill is compulsory in taking the best decisions. Now a days this became one of the crucial part in getting a job. So let’s know some important points that help you in making professional group discussion.

There are certain specific parameters on which the evaluation takes place. They are:

  1. Content
  2. Communication
  3. Group behavior
  4. Leadership skills

Let us look at each issue separately.


Usually the evaluator will look at the level of our content with the subject or with the topic. It shows how well-read you are. Evaluator will look at all your men-management skills, etc. will be of no use in an organization unless you are sound on subject and knowledge. That is the reason for content to become such an important aspect of the evaluation process. It is very important for you to clearly display your understanding of the issues pertaining to the topic. The more valid points you make, the more marks you score.

The evaluator expects that you should be able to add the overall knowledge level of the group as a whole on account of the contributions you make out of your knowledge bank. The group should gain from its interaction with you because of what you have to contribute. It is very important for any candidate to understand that he\she has to come across as knowledgeable and well-read. Do not miss any opportunity whatsoever to exhibit your knowledge pertains to the “what to say” aspect of the group discussion.

group discussion


If the content aspect covers “what to say” in a group discussion, communication pertains to “how to say it”. Communication covers what you want to say

  1. Correctly conveying what you want to say
  2. Listening
  3. Language

The first aspect is to how you say what you want to say. A number of times, we find that the listener “understands” what we were saying very differently from what we are intended to convey. This only means that we have not been able to put across our ideas properly and correctly. There is a lot of scope for such communication gaps in any communication situation. It is the responsibility of the speaker  to ensure that what he/she has been communicated correctly and understood the way it was expected to be understood. This aspect of communication also includes your thought process and showcases how you put your ideas.

Your communication should be very effective and it should convey the message that you are intended to convey. Your communication should also be efficient. You should make your opinion or point in as few words as possible. If you take too long to get to the point, someone else would have started speaking before you can make your point.

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